For convening the Annual Assembly of the Company
Pursuant to Article 384, Article 387, paragraph 1, 3 and 5, Article 388 in relation to Article 383 of the Companies Act (OG RM No.28 / 04, No.84 / 05, No. 25 / 07 C87 / 08, 42/10, 48/10, 24/11, 166/12, 70/13, 119/13, 120/13, 187/13, 38/14, 138/14, 88 / 2015; 192/15, 6/16, 30/16 and 61/2016), the Board of directors of the Company for production and trade “Pelisterka” AD Skopje, MB 4010876, with UTN 4002989121429, based on Ul.Kocho Racin No.97 Skopje




For convening the Annual Assembly of the Company

Session of the General Assembly of shareholders of DPT Pelisterka AD Skopje will be held on 30.06.2016 year. (Thursday) at 10 am at the Skopje headquarters of the Association of Ul.Kocho Racin No.97 Skopje

For working session of the Assembly proposes the following


I. Procedural part

1. Opening of the General Meeting of shareholders.
2. Inferring a quorum for the Assembly.
3. Election of Chairman of the Assembly.

II.Raboten part:

Items on the agenda:

1. Consideration and adoption of the annual accounts of the Company, financial statements, annual report of the Company and the consolidated financial statements of the Company and the adoption of the audit report on the annual accounts of the Company for 2015.
2. Deciding on the use of net profit.
3. Approval of the members of the Board of Directors of the Company.
4. Adoption of Resolution on appointment of auditors for the next fiscal year.
5. Adoption of Decision on sale of shares of the Company.
6. Adoption of Decision on borrowing and pledging against Tutunska Banka AD Skopje.

The Assembly session may attend all shareholders registered in the shareholders register of the Company, in person or by proxy.

Interested shareholders can inspect the materials of the General Meeting every working day at the Company’s premises in Skopje Ul.Kocho Racin No.97 or s.Medzhitlija Bitola in the period from 13-15 am or on the web-site of company

Br.02-272 / 1 DPT Pelisterka AD
27/05/2016 years. Board of Directors

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