Type of drink: STILL WATER

natural mineral
Packaging: 0,75L glass / glass 0,25L

Pelisterka uncarbonated water is characterized by a low content of mineral salts, which allows water consumption in limited quantities. Specific terms of minerals affect its light and refreshing taste. Due to the low mineral composition it belongs to the group of low mineral waters.

Standard for Food Safety ISO 22000: 2005

Anions: Sulphate 24,1 mg / L; Chloride 2,59 mg / L; Bicarbonate 102,6 mg / L
CATIONS: Sodium 12,4 mg / L; Calcium 20,6 mg / L; Kali 1,53 mg / L; Magnesium 6,5 mg / L; Dry residue at 180 ° C 111 mg / L

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